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Mark Protosevich's brilliant THOR script to be directed by STARDUST's Matthew Vaughn!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... The week before I got married, I got a whole host of scripts. About 20 to be exact and in and amongst those was the latest script by Mark Protosevich (I AM LEGEND, JOHN CARTER OF MARS)... THOR. I'm a huge THOR geek. Even got that Mjolnir replica they issued a few years back - and I constantly hope a burglar breaks into my house so I can smash his face with my uru hammer. (joke... kinda). So when this script hit... I'm a huge fan of Protosevich... worked with him for quite some time on John Carter and he's a great guy to work with... intensely passionate about the material he's working on... and I kinda hate that I didn't get the script from Mark, cuz when he turned in his draft on JOHN CARTER - it came accompanied with a soundtrack cd he had made (that looked like Mars) that was made up of the music he was listening to, as he wrote the script. Richard Kelly does this too. Anyway - I sat down and dove into the script. This isn't a Donald Blake, doctor on vacation story. Instead, this is a genuine TALES OF ASGARD story. In the first few pages the creation of everything takes place... the origin of the gods, their universe and how midgard (that's are place in the universe) came to be. It has Thor and Loki as brothers - the best of friends... and it shows how that goes bad. The origin of the uru hammer, Thor being thrown from Asgard to being a mere mortal... it's a HUGE story - easily the most awesome script that a MARVEL project has ever had. About 3 weeks ago, I heard they were talking to Matthew Vaughn... I'm a huge fan of Matthew's STARDUST. However, I'm sure Matthew knows this... but the tone of STARDUST and this THOR script are very very different. There can be no tongue in cheek, no broad comedy... this is an intense story or deception, quests and battles amongst gods. Protosevich channeled all the best from Kirby's universe and I hope to Odin that they take their visual cue from his work. This has the chance to literally kick everything we have coming up's ass. It's an epic step forward in ambition for Matthew Vaughn - I know MARVEL loves this script - I just hope they allow this project to live up to its potential. Now they have the hardest task of all... finding Thor. Me - there's a half crazed part of me that wants Ernest Borgnine to play ODIN - ala his Ragnar from THE VIKINGS. But that's probably just me.

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