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Is Vinnie Jones Gearing Up To Work With Tarantino?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. That’s certainly the rumor this guy sent, although I wish he’d included a link to the blog in question. For now, get out your grains of salt...

Hey I've stumbled across some news which you might be interested in. I have just read the blog of a "celebrity" called Piers Morgan. He's an ex-journalist from England and I think is q judge on Americas got talent over in the states. Anyway in this blog he just wrote this for sunday july 29th- "I turned to find the beaming visage of my old mate vinnie jones. There are few more extraordinary life stories than that of the former hod-carrier turned football Mr Nasty who now earns $1 million a movie out here as a bona fide actor. "I've just bought a big house in the Hollywood Hills next to my mate Quentin", he said proudly. "Quentin?" I replied. "Tarantino" he clarified. "We're doing a movie together and he thinks its going to be my best yet". Well as soon as I read that I thought that maybe Vinnie Jones now has a part in Inglorious Bastards which Tarantino has said is now in production. Cheers, if you use this could you call me biffyfan. Love the site!
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