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A Quick Review Of The Still-In-Progress FANBOYS!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. When I saw Kyle Newman in Hawaii (he was visiting Kristen Bell on the set of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL), he said there is still more footage to shoot for FANBOYS, but that he did too good a job picking his cast originally, since they’re all busy now, and it’s almost impossible to get them back together to shoot the pick-ups. I’m sure they will, but it’s caused the film to be delayed and delayed and delayed. This guy saw it at a work-in-progress screening, and had this to say about it:

Hi Harry, I've never contributed before as I've never been lucky enough to be in the position where I might have something to contribute! However, I felt compelled to send an email about a little movie I saw this weekend at the Star Wars Celebration Europe convention in London. Just to set the scene, I 'll tell you a little bit about the events surrounding the rough cut screening of Kyle Newman's Fanboys. My brother and I checked out the schedule for Saturdays activities and realised that Rick McCallum was going to be talking to Warwick Davies just prior to the screening of Fanboys, a film which I've been looking forward to ever since seeing the trailer. Around half way through Rick's chat, I received a text message from a friend saying that the queue for Fanboys had already started and that he'd save my brother and I a place (Rick was very cool, by the way- a jobbing screenwriter asked Rick if he could take a look at a spec script he'd written for the upcoming live action Star Wars TV show and rather than dismiss the guy, Rick directed the guy to his legal team- awesome). So, we hooked up with our buddy and sat down for the film. Shortly before the movie was due to screen, we experienced another cool moment. A couple of people started to walk down the right-hand side of the screening room and then my brother nudges me and says 'hey, its Rick!!'. Sure enough, I turn to my left and there is Mr. McCallum who I'm guessing had turned up for the screening. He smiled and gave everyone a wave when he realised a few folks had spotted him- seems like a really cool guy. The coolness didn't stop there! The film was also presented by it's director Kyle Newman, who simply said it was a pet project which snowballed and that he hoped we enjoyed the movie. Stop worrying Kyle- Man, did we enjoy it!! I'm not gonna get deep in to the film and attempt to dissect it, nor am I going to spoil it (some great cameos in there!!), suffice to say that its a fantastic movie. Not only is it frequently and consistently funny, it has a great big heart too. Sure, its a love letter to Star Wars and a celebration of what it means to people, but its also a celebration of life. The story is simple but beautiful, the dialogue and performances are fantastic and I would be surprised if any self-respecting Star Wars fan didn't fall in love with it. Of course, some may ask 'what does it offer those who aren't into Star Wars?' Seems kinda redundant to me. It'd be like asking 'what does any episode of Star Wars offer those who aren't in to it?' Its just pointless considering the film's genesis, but having said that, it does very much have its own thing going on and I believe that even those who aren't into Star Wars would enjoy it as a great coming of age, buddy movie, with 5 really likeable central characters- ultimately, the film really becomes about them. Of course, some of the more subtle references will be lost on general movie goers, but I think there's more than enough to it for it to be able to stand on it own 2 feet- but its gonna be 10 times sweeter for you if you grew up loving Lucas' classic saga!! In short, the movie is a hell of a lot of fun, with great performances, great characters and a big heart and I'd urge anyone to go see it when it is released next January. And a message for Kyle Newman: Yourself, the cast and the crew more than deserved the 2 standing ovations we bestowed upon you- you've made an absolute cracker! Thanks for reading Harry. If you use this, just call me Darth-Withnail!!
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