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AICN EXCLUSIVE! Has Frank Darabont Started Casting FAHRENHEIT 451?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Boy, I hope this is true. I read an early draft of Frank’s FAHRENHEIT 451, and it struck me as another one of his exceptional adaptations, where he took everything great about Bradbury’s novel and not only made it work, but actually tweaked it in some very savvy ways. The key, of course, is casting Guy Montag, the Fireman who is the lead in the film. I’ve heard people wish-list the film and toss out names like Paul Bettany and Matt Damon, but now we’ve gotten a tip that Frank has already picked the guy who he wants to have suit up. All I know is that I desperately want to be in this film as one of the “books” if Frank ends up using that conceit. Maybe something by John Irving... Anyway, here’s the rumor. As soon as we can, we’ll confirm this one, and I’m hoping that as Frank winds down on THE MIST, he jumps right into this. It’s been too long since his last film, and it would be great to see two in a row from him.

By way of tipster cred, know this: I gave you boys Billy Crudup as Manhattan well before it went public. Use this as you see fit. Or don't. But my source is [someone who would certainly be in a position to know]. According to him, Frank has his FARENHEIT 451 fireman signed and ready to burn: Tom Hanks
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