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Some Confirmed Details On The Casting For The New JJ Abrams STAR TREK!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. There’s been a lot of speculation about what age range to expect when we see the new STAR TREK movie next year. Well, speculate no more. I can tell you exactly what age the characters are going to be, courtesy of the actual casting breakdowns:

STAR TREK Feature Film SAG PARAMOUNT PICTURES/BAD ROBOT [JAMES KIRK] 23-29 Handsome,cocky self assured and earnest. Great physical condition. 6 ft or less [LEONARD(BONES)MCOY] -28-32 Medic on the Enterprise. Smart, clever and a bit danger-loving. Dark hair, blue eyes. [UHURA] 25ish -African American. Brilliant, beautiful, heroic and FUN!, Uhura is almost tom-boyish - as if she grew up in a houseful of brothers. [SULU] 25-32 -Asian American male (preferably Japanese). Helmsman on the Enterprise. Extremely fit, capable and dedicated. A bit of a wildcat [MONTGOMERY(SCOTTY) SCOTT] -28-32 a brilliant ship's engineer. Must be able to do a flawless Scottish accent!
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