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HARRY REACTS! Albert Pyun Checks In On A Few New Projects, Including One That Will Make Harry Insanely Happy!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Albert Pyun started his career working for the great Akira Kurosawa, which automatically makes him cooler than 99% of everyone in the film industry. Lately, he’s been very productive, and he seems like he’s really proud of the work he’s been doing. Sure, he’s made a shitload of Canon films over the years, and some low-budget dogs, but he also made the dark and sleazy and completely awesome SWORD AND THE SORCERER back in 1981, and there’s a bit of news about that film at the end of his letter to us that will make Harry hoot so loud you’ll be able to hear him wherever you are as you read this. Check it out!

Hi Drew: Hope this finds you and your family well. Just wanted to let you know I am finishing a film that will be my best. It’s my next step up in my evolution as a filmmaker (I know it’s pretty damn late in the game). The film is titled LEFT FOR DEAD, and it’s a spaghetti western fever dream with pretty serious gothic horror overlays. I have a DVD screener I'd love to send you if you have the time and interest. BTW -- Lions Gate is releasing INFECTION in December. They are re-titling it INVASION. Hope you get a chance to catch that as well. And let Harry know that I'm making a sequel to THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER in Tunisia in October. It's titled, what else, TALES OF THE ANCIENT EMPIRE. Warmest Regards, Albert

Harry here... I'm concerned... and rather hopeful about this film. You see - I absolutely love THE SWORD AND THE SORCEROR. It's one of those films that is just sublimely awesome. Everything wrong about 1980's Fantasy... is why SWORD AND THE SORCEROR works. The funky costume design, the self-aware tongue in cheekness, the awesome nudity, machismo and blood and gore and animation cel effects. However - it's just done perfect. My concern is... of course... that Lee Horsley won't be back as Prince Talon. Now, Lee Horsley may not have the greatest film career of all time. But as Prince Talon - he was the fantasy equivalent of Han Solo - that George Lucas and Ron Howard desperately wanted to make Val Kilmer in WILLOW, but just couldn't fucking do. Now - oddly - Lee will next be seen in the Wayne Kramer directed Harrison Ford vehicle, CROSSING OVER - due out this holiday season... Han Solo and Prince Talon in the same film... nearly too much for this geek mind. But I hope Albert will bring back Lee Horsley as Prince Talon - he is a full half of why SWORD AND THE SORCEROR kicks the ass out the universe. The other half of the asskicking of this film is the score by David Whitaker - who basically seemed to retire from film music altogether after SWORD AND THE SORCEROR - until, if by chance, WITH A FRIEND LIKE HARRY came along - and since then, he's been selective. I hope Albert is able to talk him back into scoring this long coveted sequel. This could be an epic step forward. With the right financing, the right team of film lovers - and most importantly - with Lee Horsley and David Whitaker joining Albert Pyun on this journey... It could shake the pillars of heaven and piss on the head of Satan himself. TALON!!!!!!!

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