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Spy Footage of Military Activity on 1-18-08!

Hey folks... Harry here... Just got back from the Louisville Zoo, where Yoko got to ride a giraffe, or something like that. But I get back and well, what else would I be getting, but more 1-18-08 spy reports, this time with video. Here you go - not much there, but it shows... MILITARY involvement... again, not very new, but you guys seem to be gobbling every bit up. BTW - check out the YouTube reports on 1-18-08 / Cloverfied... this stuff is HILARIOUS - the conspiracies and the details being examined are making me laugh like crazy. Here ya go - thanks goes out to GREG

this is from 8/13/07 lenox and broadway the humvees were going down lenox past an open alley where there was some prop destruction, smoke, and military personell carriers, also a makeshift triage center, the camera and principal photography was being done in the alley while the humvees did multiple takes down the street.

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