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George “ROAD WARRIOR” Miller Is Directing JLA?!?

It’s 4:00 in the morning in LA as I type this, but I’m sitting in a sunshiney field in the middle of Narnia, watching minotaurs and centaurs and explosions and other assorted madness. God only knows how I’m getting wireless reception out here, but it’s giving me a chance to do a little browsing and to check out my e-mail while they set up the next shot. Both Latino Review and Collider are reporting that George Miller is the director who has been tapped to step in and direct DC’s giant superhero team-up movie, JLA. Right now, this appears to be a rumor, but considering they both are reporting this from their own sources, it sounds like his name is definitely in the ether right now. I would consider this exceptionally good news. Miller is one of the best action filmmakers alive, even if he doesn’t work nearly often enough. I got a chance to speak to him for the first time last year when he was promoting HAPPY FEET, and it sounds like he’s still completely engaged by the challenge of filmmaking, especially now that technology might allow him to realize some of the more outrageous things he envisions. He’s got a real knack for working with effects as well as shooting real-life stunts, and that combination sounds like the absolute best-case scenario for a director on JLA. Collider claims that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern will all play major roles in the film, and that we can expect at least one big superhero death. I guess we’ll see how things pan out as this one continues to wind its way through development.

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