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A Whedon/Goddard Movie!! Kevin Smith Writes HEROES: ORIGINS!! 24!! GALACTICA!! Comic Con News!!

I am – Hercules!!
* From the “Heroes” panel: Kevin Smith ("Clerks II") will write and direct an episode of the spinoff miniseries “Heroes: Origins” airing in April or May. * Alex Ross (not Tim Sale) is doing the cover for the “Heroes” graphic novel, which will collect the online comics. * From the “24” panel: Season seven will begin with Jack Bauer in hot water, facing the U.S. Senate over perceived crimes. * From the “Galactica” panel: Unbilled Lucy Lawless surprised the crowd to announce her return for two or three episodes of the fourth and final season. * From the Joss Whedon panel: Whedon just finished writing "the horror film to end all horror films -- literally" with fellow “Buffy”/”Angel” alumnus Drew Goddard. It's called “Cabin in the Woods.” (Goddard, you’ll recall, also wrote J.J. Abrams’ mysterious upcoming “Cloverfield” movie.) * Whedon will write two issues of "Buffy: Season Eight" between the arcs written by Brian K. Vaughn and Drew Goddard. * Oz will return. * Whedon says he's not done with Future Vampire Slayer Malaka Fray. * Whedon has a new webcomic called “Sugarshock” at * Warren Ellis (“Global Frequency,” “NewUniversal,” “Black Summer” will succeed Joss Whedon as writer on the top-selling “Astonishing X-Men” comic. * Some who won the “Comic-Con Dinner With Joss Whedon” auction actually got to dine with more than one celebrity. Popular romance novelist Suzanne Brockmann bid for and won two of the six seats at that table for herself and her husband. * Faith the Vampire Slayer won’t be the only old character reintroduced in issue six of the “Buffy: Season Eight” comic. Read the first few pages here. * Go-Go Jane Wiedlin was trophy-girl at the Eisner Awards.

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