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Footage From BLADE RUNNER: FINAL CUT Slices Onto The Internets!! See Adama Take A Crap On Metaphysics!!

Merrick here...
Yahoo has posted four clips from the forthcoming BLADE RUNNER re-edit/face lift/partial re-edit/all-around cleaning. Included in the selection are a preview of DANGEROUS DAYS, the newly commissioned mega-documentary chronicling the making of the film, quite a bit of the retooled Zhora street gundown (for which Joanna Cassidy recently re-shot new footage), "the Unicorn scene" (which, according to Ridley Scott, is one of the substantial clues that Ford's Deckard character is a Replicant...)
...and a new street sequence featuring hot-bodied tittybar dancers wearing Jason masks. God bless Ridley Scott!


All of this is from the forthcoming giganto-DVD set, whose artwork looks like this:
And, finally, the one that makes my undies gooey...

I swiped these pictures from TheDigitalBits. You can read more about the specs for the specific packages HERE! all of this is way cool by me. However, I'm dyin' to get a good look at some of the effects (reworked and new) being dropped into this thing. BLADE RUNNER: FINAL CUT releases on DVD December 18. There are repeated, very hushed, and extremely inconclusive rumors suggesting some sort of theatrical release for the project beyond the anounced LA / NYC release on October 5. Personally, I'd bet against it...but you never can tell. I'd love to see this "definitive" version on a great big screen, at least one time.

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