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From Comic-Con comes the SOUTHLAND TALES poster and a cool freebie for Neil Marshall's DOOMSDAY!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm working on putting the final touches on some good, exclusive 1:1 interviews which will go up tonight. But I wanted to put out this stuff... the first one is for people at the Con... If you want a neat little art book (limited edition) for Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, DOG SOLDIERS)'s new movie, a culty flick called DOOMSDAY, drop by the Rogue Pictures booth on the floor and utter the phrase, "The End Is Nigh," and you'll get it. I'm told these are really nice. I haven't seen 'em yet, but hopefully you guys won't take 'em all up before I can get there. The second piece is for all of you. Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES comes out November 9th... finally. And here's the poster Kelly unveiled at the Con today when he did his signing. Click for the bigger version!

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