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What’s Happening At 10:00 AM In San Diego On Friday?! DARK KNIGHT Mystery Unfolding Right Now!

So far, so smart for the viral marketing techniques employed by THE DARK KNIGHT, the next Batman film from Warner Bros. I know everyone’s all a-twitterpated from the pickle tickle that CLOVERFIELD/1-18-08/whateverthefuck is giving them, but let’s give it up for that original Joker reveal on the IbelieveInHarveyDentToo site. They’re at it again. And I wish I knew someone in San Diego (coughQuintcough) who was going to be there at 10:00 AM tomorrow when... something is going to happen. I’ve been bombarded tonight with links to the site Why So Serious?, which appears to be a call to arms, a challenge to join the Joker’s crew. The only way to join the crew is to show up tomorrow for an audition at a specific latitude and longitude that a wee bit of online research pinpoints somewhere across the street from the convention center in San Diego. My favorite source for the link is a guy who says he found a dollar bill on the street in San Diego that had been defaced so George Washington had Joker makeup drawn on and the "one dollar" had been replaced with "WhySoSerious". His brother then put "" into his browser, just to check, and found the site. I couldn’t open the site properly in Mozilla, but Internet Explorer worked fine for me. There’s a countdown in process right now, and if anyone’s planning to participate on the ground tomorrow, let me know. I know that the rumor for the last week or two has been that there would be no DARK KNIGHT presence at the Con, but what if that was bullshit? You know... like that description of the teaser trailer that everyone kept e-mailing us last week that turned out to be nothing like the actual trailer that's leaked now. What if the DARK KNIGHT presentation is only accessible via this event? Makes you wonder. After all, if Warner Bros. is planning to run a bunch of geeks around on some sort of cyber scavenger hunt and real-world outdoor event in that 107 degree weather, they'd better have something worthwhile at the end of it. I guess we'll see in the morning, eh?

Drew McWeeny

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