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From the Comic Con’s Thursday afternoon “Lost” panel with showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, cobbled from various reports: * Season four will feature both flashbacks and flashforwards. (Note that Herc’s longstanding plea that some episodes eliminate flashbacks was finally answered with the flashback-free third-season finale.) * We will learn how Ben Linus came to fall into Henry Gale’s trap. * At least one whole episode will follow Jack and Kate’s adventures away from Dharma Island. * Harold Perrineau arrives. The plan was always to bring Michael back, is the claim. * Richard Alpert “may” get limited screen time, as Nestor “Batmanuel” Carbonnel is now a regular on CBS’ Cuban-American nighttime soap “Cane.” * The story of Hurley’s girl, Libby, will be told in season four. Apparently one wouldn’t be “barking up the wrong tree” to suggest a connection with Dharma Island. * Rousseau will likely get a flashback in seasons four or five. * The session ended with a new Dharma orientation film. It’s for the “Orchid Station.” The man who identified himself in previous Dharma media as Mark Wickmund and Marvin Candle now calls himself “Edward Allawitz.” Allawitz apologizes for deceiving people with regard to the nature of the station’s research, which does not concern botany. Allawitz holds up a rabbit marked “15.” A nearby shelf is marked “16.” A small earthquake ensues. End of film. ABC launches the 16-episode fourth season of "Lost" early next year. 4 8 15 16 23 42

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