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It's A Brooding-But-Groovy Poster For Tim Burton's SWEENEY TODD!!

Merrick here...
Thought you might wanna nice, sharp look at the SWEENEY TODD mini-poster that’s hitting Comic Con somewhere ‘round today. I love this image; love the style of the poster. I’ve never been a huge fan of SWEENEY TODD, although I’m really excited to see how this particular project shakes out. It’s a musical. It’s Tim Burton who, although inconsistent, is invariably interesting. And, when you cram Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Anthony Head, and Sacha Baron Cohen into the same film…the coolness factor pretty much jumps way off the scale if you ask me. Here’s the poster image. I strongly suggest clicking Johnny to embiggen the image; a lot of nuance is lost in the version below...which has been shrunken to fit this page.

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