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Quint from Comic-Con: "Indiana Jones... I always knew some day you'd come walking back through my door..."

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So, I have the big Paramount panel to finish up... a nice little write up, but I want to do a specific story on INDIANA JONES 4. This followed IRON MAN, which was a kick-ass presentation... stay tuned for my rundown of that. The INDIANA JONES theme started to mass cheering. Suddenly the screen blinked and Steven Spielberg is sitting there, linked live by satellite. I think they meant to only frame him sitting on a set, but you could see a familiar tan elbow and brown fedora tip next to him. After welcoming the audience and saying hello to Comic-Con, Spielberg introduced Harrison Ford, completely decked out who was funny and full of life. Felt like Indiana Jones again. Ford introduced his side-kick. All the girls (and some guys) cheered and then he said, "This is my side-kick... Ray Winstone." Winstone was dressed exactly as Indiana Jones' partner should be dressed as... dusty, earth tones. Then Ford introduced Shia LaBeouf as "my other side-kick." Shia was in his leather greaser outfit, but had a lot of scraggly growth... light beard. He just kept saying, "What the hell am I doing here? I mean, look at this group..." said he was totally out of place. Then Spielberg abruptly stood up and said, "You guys hold it down... I have to get something." There was an uncomfortable few seconds then Spielberg walked back in with another director's chair. He opens it, revealing "Marion Ravenwood" stitched onto the chair. Then he brought Karen Allen out... Good God what a moment... she looks exactly the same!

It wasn't much info, but the old geek juices are flowing pretty strong now. I can't bloomin' wait!


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