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UPDATED with pictures!!! Spock confirmed... twice!

Ahoy, squirts... Quint here. I'm working on the big wrap up for the big Paramount panel right now. But I wanted to hit this to you now. JJ Abrams confirmed Zachary Quinto as Spock... but the big news is that Leonard Nimoy is also returning. More info in a minute... gotta run to an interview, then I'll update with photos and details! More details... Shatner to be involved only if they find a good place for him. The script is what makes everybody excited about it. They inferred that Nimoy is coming back as older Spock, not as a new character. When asked by a fan why he decided to put his support behind this new Trek, Nimoy responded with, "It has a brilliant young director, a great script... I guess the real answer is that it was logical." The audience loved it. How great was that?

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