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I Guess It’s Official!!
HEROES’ Quinto Is Young Spock!!

I am – Hercules!!
A Television Critics Association “Heroes” event recently transpired, and it may have given us a glimpse of a coming Comic Con announcement. From the TCA blog of TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello:
• Zachary Quinto was neither confirming nor denying reports that he's in line to play a young Spock in Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams' Star Trek pic. "I'm under strict orders not to say anything," he said. Luckily, my BFF Greg Grunberg was under no such gag order. "How exciting is that?" he enthused. "Now I've got to beg, plead and scrape to get in that movie!"
Strict orders? From whom?? Note that "Heroes" mastermind Tim Kring has also given his blessing to Quinto, who plays supervillain Sylar on the NBC series, donning the pointy ears. Quinto’s Trek casting has likely long been an open secret on the “Heroes” set, as Grunberg is Abrams’ best friend since childhood and is almost certainly responsible in some way for bringing Grunberg’s “Heroes” co-star to Abrams’ attention. Read all of Mike Ausiello’s TCA adventures here.

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