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Dog Soldier Reports On Hayden Christensen And Jessica Alba In AWAKE!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I wonder if I’m not supposed to notice that this is the basic premise of an episode of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS... both the old version and the ‘80s version. ‘Cause it is. Still sounds interesting, though. Something like this comes down to performance, and I’m curious to see how Christensen does when he has to carry a film.

Spoiler Review of Awake Hey there AICN. I live in London and recently my friends managed to got hold of what they said was free tickets to a movie named 'Awake'. I was told the movie had Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen. I was definitely looking forward to the movie for only one thing: the eye candy that is Jessica Alba. The movie is about a young man who is subjected to an operation but is yet left alert of the activity and pain, yet he is unable to respond or move his body because he is paralysed. Sounds interesting right? Indeed. So there i was sitting at the Odeon in Kingston and the movie began. The movie follows a young man named Clayton (Christensen) who is madly in love with his mothers assistant (Alba). Against his mothers wishes he decides to marry the girl and perform his operation at a regular clinic, where his mother advised him not to and seek professional help for his heart condition. His heart condition is fatal, meaning that without a transplant of the organ, he will die. The movie begins setting up the characters, Terrence Howard plays Claytons good friend and personal doctor who will be responsible for his operation. The acting here is mediocre yet the only person that steals the show is Christensen, and the actress who plays his mother. And then the thriller begins, he is on the table, and he is hearing everything. And we the audience are subjected to Claytons thoughts as he feels what is happening to his body. 'Am i dead?' 'How can i hear things?' 'Is this meant to be happening to me?' are just few of the thoughts running through his head until he is cut opening, then for five minutes we hear a Clayton yell; 'FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! OH MY FUCK FUUCCCCCCCCCCK FUCK WHAT THE FUCK FUCK!!!!' repeatedly, which adds the tension needed and you the audience are thinking the same thing. So whats the big twist in the movie? There going to kill him, his best friend doctor (Howard) and his team. There going to kill him and the mastermind behind the operation is Jessica Alba, his girlfriend. It is then Clayton leaves his body is some sort of spirit form wandering the hospital swearing and cursing, running around, retracing his memories and picking up all the clues and figuring how they all add up. Overall the movie is Hayden Christensen's movie, hes funny, charming and we will definitely see more of him in the future. The only bad things in this movie are Jessica Alba, who just can't act evil, im sorry but she can act as the cute loveable girlfriend but the moment we find out shes an evil two timing bitch, she cannot bring that evil bitch forward through acting. Other minor things effect the movie as well such as wierd lighiting, in the same scenes the colour tone of the movie changes from different angles. Maybe this is just because it was a test screening, the voice over sounded a bit dodgy aswell but then again it it could be because of the stage of development. Some points of the movie do feel cheesy and sometimes the narrative feels very weak, but then very strong once again. So it is indeed flawed. I give this movie a thumbs up. I enjoyed it with my friends and it was a good ride. What impressed me was Hayden Christensen and even the director Joby Harold who made a good debut. I will not watch it again but i do reccomend it. 3.5/5 Call me Dog Soldier.
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