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Some Insanely Cool Potential Casting News About The Zemeckis Version Of A CHRISTMAS CAROL!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Stephen Clark’s the guy who runs the very, very good BACK TO THE FUTURE fansite, and he’s definitely always out there looking for BACK TO THE FUTURE-related news. I haven’t seen any of BEOWULF yet, but everyone who has seems excited by it, and I’ll admit... I like the notion of him doing his take on this particular oft-told tale. Zemeckis is sort of doing what Walt Disney did in the early days of his studio... telling stories people know, but telling them in a brand-new way. I like the notion of Jim Carrey playing Scrooge and the three Christmas Ghosts, since mo-cap lets him play these scenes opposite himself, seamlessly interacting. It makes thematic sense for one actor to play all four roles, in my opinion, but I don’t know if anyone else has ever done that when performing A CHRISTMAS CAROL. And if the supporting cast shapes up the way this recent report on Jim Hill Media suggests it might... well, that’s pretty cool. That’s got me in the theater, curious, hoping for the best on opening night.

Drew; Jim Hill Media has a very interesting report that Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Tom Hanks are all in talks to join Zemeckis' "A Christmas Carol".... Sounds pretty plausible, given that Bob Hoskins has already admitted that Zemeckis wrote him in, and since Hanks works with Zemeckis on like every other movie, I can see Bob Z bringing Fox & Lloyd in as well, especially given the fact that he got Crispin Glover in for Beowulf. Stephen
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