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Harry & Yoko's Rolling Roadshow Adventures' next stop - 18407 Sherman Way - 10th Anniversary BOOGIE NIGHTS - RESEDA!!!

Hey folks, Harry here in West Hollywood, Ca... till Wednesday morning. But tonight, I'm going to Reseda for some BOOGIE NIGHTS fun! Right smack dab in the midst of the filming locations for BOOGIE NIGHTS - you'll see a gorgeous print of BOOGIE NIGHTS - a film that is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary tonight. SO - Who is coming? What special treats are in store for us? Who knows? Tim League most likely. I've seen some emails hinting at some great fun, but we'll have to see who follows through and who wants to celebrate this fantastic film's 10th birthday. The Screening is taking place at: The Parking lot north of Kessab Banquet Hall The Valley 18407 Sherman Way Reseda, CA 91335 And the recommended time of arrival is 7:30pm - with the film starting at approximately 8:25pm and with an After party running from 11pm til 1:30am. So you down with checking out the member, the movie and the surprises? I'll see you there & I can't wait to see who else will be there!

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