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Last "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" episode begins filming today ((without an ending '''))

Glen here...

...with some brief news about the series finale of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Today marks the first day of shooting on the final episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The series finale will be a two hour movie which will air in early June. In essence, this means "the final episode" is actually two episodes, because the finale (to be aired as a TV movie) will eventually be split into two parts (two one hour episodes) for syndication purposes.

Atmosphere around the set & production offices is described as "sad", "heavy", "bittersweet", but "full of acceptance and resolve."

I am told that as of early weekend (late Friday, early Saturday), the script for the last half of the finale episode had yet to be completed. Which means, in theory, it is conceivable the series finale may have begun begun filming today without...well....a series finale.

Before everyone gets all bent out of shape about this, there is some degree of precedence for beginning filming without having a complete script ready to use (not on DS9 as much as Voyager, and on other series as well.)

It is entirely possible that one of several things has happened here: the ending exists but is being held back for some sort of retooling; the ending was...simply...still being constructed at the time my source sent me the information; the ending of the script wasn't finished as of early weekend, and had been hammered out over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and is now ready to go; the ending just ain't done yet no matter how you look at it.

And, of course, there are other possibilities a guy like me would simply know nothing about. None the less, it's an intriguing little tid bit from Terok Nor. I will follow-up on this should more news become apparent. I feel rather confident that the delayed scripting of the ending is indeed happening. However, the "why" of the matter is still a mystery to me.

And, for those who haven't heard, the Star Trek Hallmark Christmas ornament vehicle this year is the Runabout Rio Grande (featuring the voice of Worf). One would think that...given the impending conclusion of Deep Space Nine...Hallmark might have issued an ornament of DS9 itself. I mean, the thing already looks like an ornament.

Perhaps that's how the series will end: the station's string will will go crashing down to Bajor...the resulting explosion creates a detonation strong enough to push Bajor out of its orbit (a la Space: 1999)....Bajor spins out of orbit an plugs up the wormhole.

Probably not...

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