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Father Geek tells of the Harry & Patricia Wedding!

Harry Knowles & Patricia Cho Jones got hitched in an grand traditional ceremony (except for the music of MATES OF STATE's "Drop An Anchor" & The PIPETTES' "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me) at GREEN PASTURES, a histortic southern-style mansion in the heart of old south Austin, (it was the boyhood home of the legendary writer-historian John Henry Faulk) on Sunday evening July 15, 2007. After gathering inside for an hour of cool drinks, a mountain of fresh fruits, smoked cheese, pate and stimulating conversation the vows were taken at sunset under the moss draped century's old Live Oak trees on the natural lush green carpet of thick grass that covered the several acre grounds of the stone walled compound. A dozen, or so, colorful Peacocks mingled with the 150+ formally attired relatives and friends in attendance. Behind the wedding party hundreds of Texas "Lightning Bugs" flashed their approvial right on cue as darkness fell and the western clouds turned a deep "hot" pink. The wedding party and guests then retired to the elegant decor of the mansion's spacious interior. Once inside, guests with the aid of the entryway seating chart found their tables & chairs and begin devouring the wine, crab cakes, prime rib, saffaron rice, artichoke hearts and a dozen other treats offered-up by Green Pastures excellant chefs. (the mansion has been a phantastic upscale dining establishment since before WWII). Each of the 25 tables had a centerpiece crystal vase with peacock feathers and matching flowers, plus a live Burmese Fighting Fish swimming among the stems for the table occupants to fight over and take home. (every guest got a box of Texas Pecans covered in dark chocolate to take with them) After about an hour & a half the bride and groom unveiled their respective wedding cakes, cut them and passed out the quickly consumed pieces. (Hair's was chocolate with apricots, Pat's a white butter with strawberry) Then it was toast time, and the champaine was flowing. Best man Roland Denoie recounted a long story of Harry falling out of a tree when they were both 6 and somehow tied it in to the events of the day quite well. Meanwhile during all the above... Outside there was rock'n entertainment. On the aged brick patios, porches and wide walkways Tim and Karrie League of the Alamo Drafthouse had arranged for one of their huge outdoor screens to be setup along with thunderous sub-woofers and a live video DJ to mix a Rock-Hip-Hop-Punk music extravaganza to what was accompanied by mostly exploitation grindhous-esque film clips with were digitally edited and mixed live to the music. The event rocked on til the black streeech limo arrived about midnight to whisk THE couple off to an unknown location, buuuuut not before 20 pounds of birdseed had been tossed along with Eli Roth's and Denoie's shoes at the blissful couple. The ever roaming peacocks and 5 newborn chicks loved this part of the night's festivites best! In the parking lot about 50 guests hungout for ahalf hour trying to decide what to do next... they left to invade Austin's warehouse district bars for another couple of hours, but that's an entirely different story... Some of the notables attending included; actor Elijah Wood, actresses Angela Bettis and Katherine Willis, directors Eli Roth and Richard Kelly, writers Paul Dini, Ernie Kline and Kevin Biegel, producers Elizabeth Avellan and Jim Jacks, filmmakers Tim McCanlies, Rana Joy Glickman, Ellen Spiro, Emily Hagins, Jeff Mahler, and Jackie Morgan, Amy Powell from Paramount, phantasmagorical illusionist Misty Lee, longtime Austin music insider Cass Hook, local subculture icon "Prince" of Atomic City, Austin Chronicle editor and SXSW co-founder Louis Black, constant Ebay collectible dealers Bob & Stella Morehead, visual artists Brian Mikeski, Scout Stormcloud, Monica Knighton, Dannie Knowles and in spirit the late Walter S. Falk the artist-friend who's burial was in Rockport, Texas at the same time as the wedding. He also served as Harry's Godfather hair's whole life. From AICN there were reporter/spies Quint, Capone, Fathergeek, Massawyrm, Copernicus, Krakin, Annette Kellerman, Tom Joad, Johnny Wad, Jr. Mintz, Dorothy Parker, Flesh Gordon, John Robie, Babyface Nelson, Capt. Blood, and lil Piotro Pinkie.

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