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SciFi Revives FARSCAPE
As Webisode Series??

I am – Hercules!!
I gather this is from a press release disseminated at the SciFi Channel’s Television Critics Association event: has ordered a 10-part webisode series based on the multi-award-winning “Farscape” the fan and critical darling that has been widely recognized as one of the greatest sci-fi series in television history. Executive-produced by Brian Henson and Robert Halmi, Jr., and produced by The Jim Henson Company, in association with RHI Entertainment, the series will revive and expand the beloved “Farscape” universe.
Now webisodes are by their nature really short, right? Also, does “expand” mean the webisodes will not feature the adventures of John Crichton? Read all of Will Harris’ Premium Hollywood story on the matter here.

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