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Hey folks, Harry here... It's my wedding day. This isn't so much about film, as much as it is all about my love of film and the life it portrays that we all love so much. Today, I'm attempting to give a storybook wedding to my favorite person in the world. It could rain, in which case it'll feel like a Woody Allen type of thing... If the sun shines, it's a GODFATHER type of thing. The last few days have been a whirlwind. Feels most like a Butt-Numb-A-Thon - except, instead of the question being, "Everything going good with BNAT?" it is, "Getting nervous yet?" In truth, I get far more nervous before a BNAT. There's a lot more to coordinate... and in the end, I'm not always 100% whether the movies will be great, as sometimes - we're the first people to see em. Here, I know the food will blow peoples' minds, that the entertainment I have lined up will be a blast... and that the decorations and atmosphere are perfect - whether it rains or shines. I am a little concerned about what Eli Roth and Richard Kelly did to the Bachelorette Party last night... and how did they crash that thing? My party had Quint getting banged by strippers in a back room, Capone's 3 inches inside an anus, Scorekeeper with Ahi Tuna on his forehead after popping, Roro as a lumbering Karloffian character. Me... well it took 3 strippers to cover my entire body with stripper musk and glitter, but twas one for the books. Ran till 6am and the aftermath would have made Tom Hanks proud. Just put the final touch on the cake toppers - which are actually 1960s Gilbert Goldfinger (for me) and Pussy Galore (for her/albeit with black hair) figures. Oddly, they work real good. Well.... it's time to get ready - it's about 5 hours til the ceremony. I've got a complicated outfit to get into, fighting fish and longhorns to deliver. And the candles, champagne flutes and ... um... oh yeah - the wedding certificate thingee. Oh - and an iPod cord. See you good folks on the otherside of this matrimonial affair... btw - trivia - last film I watched before the wedding was... 300 - the new HD DVD just fucking owns!

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