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RUMOR CONTROL! Let’s Talk About INDY 4!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I’m going to put up two separate articles today, both titled “RUMOR CONTROL,” and depending on how you react to it, I’ll try to do it from time to time on films where rumors have reached a fever pitch. Basically, I’d like to give you guys a place to talkback about what you’re hearing and, more importantly, what you’re hoping. I don’t ever want to discourage the sort of active anticipation that has always been one of the things that united the film geek friends I have, but at the same time, there are certain occasions when you see fandom getting crazy about things, and when those things aren’t accurate, someone’s got to put on the brakes a bit. My first question is this: how much do you guys really want to know? Because, no matter what Paramount and Lucasfilm think, INDY 4 is a leaky, leaky, leaky movie. If they try to suss out who our sources are or who’s talking to CHUD (pound for pound, the best INDY 4 source online so far) or who is spilling the beans at the studio, they’re going to end up firing most of their production. And it’s inevitable, guys. People are working on an Indiana Jones film. I think for most of them, that’s too surreal for them to believe. I think they’re talking about it so much because they can’t stop themselves. It’s excitement. And already, each of the talkbacks for INDY 4 are turning into sprawling free-for-alls. Right now, one of the most obvious topics is speculation about what to expect from the story of the film. I’m not sure exactly what to expect from the final film. Here’s what I’m pretty sure of, though. This particular incarnation of INDIANA JONES AND THE CITY OF THE GODS (which I am fairly sure is the title at the moment, since it was definitely the title of the script as recently as a year ago) really started to come together when Frank Darabont wrote his drafts. He worked from a story by him, Spielberg, and Lucas. When Lucas infamously decided to pull the plug on the Darabont draft, it sounded like he was going to throw the whole thing out. But more and more, it sounds like what actually happened was that Jeff Nathanson was brought in to take elements of Darabont’s script and introduce some new characters and ideas into it. In particular, Nathanson was hired to create Indy’s son and tie him into the film. Darabont had already brought Marion back into the series in a big way in his draft, and I’m guessing Shia LaBeouf will be taking her place in most of the action scenes that survived from the Darabont draft. It sounds like Karen Allen won’t have as big a part as she would have if they’d filmed that earlier version, but that she is still the thing that ties this directly to RAIDERS. I don’t think the Lost Ark is in the film at all. I wouldn’t swear to that, but I’m pretty comfortable saying that the Ark is not what they’re looking for. Here’s where I am still treading lightly... I don’t want to just spill everything I’ve heard, because I don’t want to ruin the film. People have waited nearly 20 years to get a new INDY film, and if they know every beat a year before it comes out, won’t that ruin it? And if the spoilers are out there, are you going to be able to avoid them even if you want to? I think there are aliens in the film, but I don’t think it’s the typical Area 51 version of aliens. I think we’re dealing with something else entirely... ancient visitors to this planet. I think it’s still an archeology film, and I think they’re going to tie the quest into real artifacts that have a mysterious sort of history. I don’t think this contradicts anything we’ve seen in the previous Indy films, either. More than anything, I think INDY 4 is about how Indiana Jones has reached a point in his life where he knows that he’s touched history a few times, but he’s never really left his mark on it. It’s a personal story, and I think that’s an identifiable thing for Indy to be facing. He’s older, and I think they’re being smart about how they’re writing that. I’m cautiously optimistic. I would really love for this movie to remind us of why we loved the character. I’m optimistic because I’ve read various drafts of this that give me reason to hope. The film’s being rewritten right now by Koepp as they’re shooting, but I hope that works out. I hope they’re just polishing it, sharpening it. I’m still unconvinced about John Hurt being Abner Ravenwood. I think people leapt to that conclusion and it’s somehow become accepted as fact. I don’t know what he is playing, but I don’t think it’s Abner. I think he is long dead, and the only Abner Ravenwood we’ll be seeing in this film drives a motorcycle. If you really want a hint worth chasing down, do some reading on Mitchell-Hedges. Or Nazca. In the meantime, you’re going to continue to read a lot of speculation about what they’re chasing in the film, and some of it’s pretty elaborate. The following theory is wrong, wrong, wrong, but it’s really entertaining, and while you guys tell me what you think about spoilers on this film and how much you really want to know, you can enjoy this as the spirited speculation it is:

Hi Harry, long time reader and big time fan. That talkback Re: possible Indy 4 titles a while back must be considered one of the funniest ever. Ok, I'm just gonna cut to the chase, I think I MAY have an idea about the possible storyline for the upcoming Indy movie. Now I know you think that it will revolve around the Ark again but I think differently. Here's why, before I continue though I must ask that you please be patient. I will be going through some theories, which although I did not create myself may lend themselves to a great script, which could be the basis for a GREAT Indy movie. Here goes... A story posted on 'The Movie Scorecard' talked about 'Indiana Jones and the White Pyramid'. From sources in Yale he basically discovered that the production crew were in a lecture room which had Chinese writing on the chalk board discussing the 'Han Wu' dynasty. Han emperors were buried in the X'ian region of China. Xian is famous for the supposed location of the great White Pyramid. Well after some research on the web re: this pyramid I believe I could see where Lucas & Co. are taking this story. You may or may not know that in 1938 The Soviet newspaper, 'Sputnik' published a story which claimed that Soviet Scientists made a discovery in the Bayan Kara Ula mountains in China (which is apparantly close to Shangri-la). Long story short the discovery consisted of a series of graves containing the skeletons of 'dwarfish like people'. Now what is unique is the fact that the time frame of these well developed people occured in pre-historic times. Chinese legend had it that these people emerged from the clouds and were killed by the locals. I'm mentioning all this because the Soviet discovery of this grave may have triggered investigation into 'alien matters' which culminated in a push to discover the full power of the 'White Pyramid'. Bruce Cathie, a New Zealand author, claims that mathematical calculations indicate that all the pyramids in the world were built in sync and in alliance with the stars. Now apparently this could have been done at the behest of an 'alien society' and could give off 'mystical powers' with proper use. Now, there has been much discussion of the Roswell angle to the story. As is universally known the Roswell incident took place in 1947, around that time pictures of the 'White Pyramid' were taken. Apparently the 'White Pyramid' (now this gets a bit weird) 'unveils' itself in certain circumstances. The first, in 1945 could have been to warn people of the dire consequences of the Atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 1947, it could have been to indicate the arrival of 'alien beings' to Roswell. Thus, we can see how 'Roswell' comes into play. Whats all the fuss about the 'White Pyramid' and why do i keep using quotation marks to signify it? Well as mentioned before there could be certain mystical powers attributed to the White Pyramids of Xiann. Furthermore, I found another theory online which spoke of the state of 'Hsien' which is a heightned state of conciousness which apparently gives, now this is the kicker, IMMORTALITY. Now I'm sure where we can see where this is going. The Soviets, just like the bad-ass Nazi's with the Ark, want Immortality and thus want to harness this state of 'Hsien' (Brings us back to that idea you had about going back to the beginning, here is Indy AGAIN trying to protect us from the 'baddies' seeking immortality). Now, to do this the Ruskies must first find the place and be able to gain access to it. Now why would they have problems accessing it? Well that would be because apparently there is a 'Secret Society of the White Pyramid' who protect it. They comprise of both the living AND the dead!!! Ok thats pretty much all i have for that, like i said i got most of this stuff from research i did on the web, you probably got the Movie Scorecard story already but the other stuff I got from the following website: The Fabulous 1,000 Foot White Pyramid of Xian I hope all this makes sense and that you can make some use of this story. I really like this angle if this is in fact what they are doing, I like the mysticism and alien parts of it. Really looking forward to this movie and I think Harrison looks great. If you do use some of this please call me JBot. Thanks again Harry and all the best!!
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