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If you want an idea of what Neill Blomkamp and Weta's HALO movie would be like, look no further than this spot!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So, remember when Peter Jackson was producing the HALO movie and a young guy named Neill Blomkamp was brought in to direct? Well, some money people chickened out and the project went into turn around. Never content, Weta put their all into producing a series of spots for Microsoft's launch of HALO 3 and Blomkamp directed some live action shorts using Weta's beautiful props that give us an idea of how he'd handle a HALO movie. I'd be very surprised if the chickenshits don't find their backbones again and realize just how much money there is to be made with a HALO movie done right. At the big Microsoft press conference today they unveiled the new HALO 3 video game trailer and also Blomkamp's live action spot. And yes, I think it's one of many. I don't have too much information, but I do know that a lot more was produced than what made it into this bit. I think it looks really great myself. It's a little stiff at the end, but seeing the Halo world beginning to get realized just makes my inner geek happy. I want to see the Brutes and Covenant in action, I want to see Master Chief, I want to see the sniper rifle, I want to see the carbine rifle... I want to see it all... And goddamnit I want to see this movie get made. CLICK HERE TO GO TO BUNGIE.NET... YOU'LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH SOME AGE GATES (lame), BUT SCROLL DOWN TO "HALO: ARMS RACE" AND GET TO CLICKIN'!!!

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