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Six hours of “Drive” were produced; four were aired. Word has it the final two episodes will turn up on sometime next week, so you might not to read the SPOILERS that follow here. “Drive” mastermind Tim Minear and cohort Craig Silverstein reveal -- to the website -- where the comedy-drama-thriller-action-adventure might have gone had Fox not cancelled it after three episodes. Some revelations: * Alex Tully’s wife, Kathryn (Amy Acker), was probably working with race organizers before she ever met Alex. * Eliza Dushku, who worked with Minear on “Angel,” might have been cast as a “Duel”-esque truck-driving sociopathic serial killer. * In Ohio, Wendy Patrakas (Melanie Lynsky) would have rescued her baby from her husband, only to be captured herself. * With the unexpected help of Ivy (Taryn Manning), Wendy and her baby would have escaped. Ivy would have bonded with Wendy’s baby on the road, and sacrificed herself to save him. * Ellie (Mircea Monroe), the soldier’s wife, was secretly having an affair with Bill, the blue-eyed “race monitor.” * Iraq vet Rob (Riley Smith) would have been court martialed and put in a military brig. * Bill would have forced Ellie to break Rob out. * Rob has a “special skill” useful to a race contestant. * Rob would have hooked up with Leigh (Rochelle Aytes) in more ways than one. * Rob might have found himself back soldiering in the Iraq desert, where he gets another race clue and is sent back into the race by a high-ranking officer. * John Trimble (Dylan Baker) wasn’t really dying; race organizers gave him meds to make him feel sick so he would take more risks. * As soon as John discovered he’s not dying, he would have gotten hit by a truck. * Wendy was sponsored by an older couple who adopted Wendy’s first child, which Wendy believed dead. * Wendy would have reunited with her long-lost first kid. * John Trimble (Dylan Baker) was his own sponsor. * Winston Salazar (Kevin Alejandro) was sponsored by his father’s trusted advisor, who was seeking to destroy the Salazar family and take control of their business. * Ivy, Leigh and Susan (Michael Hyatt) were actually sponsorless, “selected by the race company to liven up the competition. Sort of like non-player ‘bots’ in a multiplayer videogame," according to Silverstein. * Minear says “somebody” would have won the race. * One episode might have centered on a brutal storm. Another on a 30-car pileup. * Though Susan was revealed to have a penis in an early “Drive” pilot script, that appendage apparently dropped away somewhere in the development process. * Had the show been renewed for a second season, a new race would have commenced utilizing old players and new. Read all of the interview here.

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