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JJ Abrams drops Harry a Line on all this 1-18-08 stuff!

Hey folks, Harry here... There's conspiracy theories abounding regarding JJ's little flick to juice us up for his badass STAR TREK recreation. So JJ Abrams wrote me to give us all a clue, cuz we're at square one of this mystery! But note... the game sites apparently have nothing to do with JJ. And also... he seems to be stating that you guys have yet to find all the sites he's put up... and yes, you'll have to find them. The man is laughing at you, me and all of those hiding in the shadows. SO... find em if you can... let us know here at AICN... seems we have a scavanger hunt, ain't it cool?

Dear Sir, Thanks for your support of our little movie. I can't wait to talk to you more about it -- of course, knowing you, by the time we talk you'll know more than I will. Regarding the online stuff you posted: yeah, we're doing some fun stuff on the web. But, obviously, if the movie doesn't kick some massive ASS, who gives a rat's about what's online? So as you can imagine, we're focusing mostly on THAT. For what it's worth, the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the site. The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us. Stay cool the rest of the summer -- and thanks per usual for AICN! JJ
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