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The INDIANA JONES 4 rumor mill takes another turn...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I've had this rumor in the inbox for a little while (thanks to "Judas' Noose") and it’s starting to gain some momentum. I've gotten a second source come to me with the same rumor. So, I thought I'd run something on it. It's a big, giant honking rumor, but a fascinating one. I've been on the record supporting the idea of an INDIANA JONES 4 if it brings the films full circle. You have a great trilogy cap with that riding off into the sunset shot from LAST CRUSADE, so the only place to go in my mind is to make a movie that goes full circle back to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. We know Marion Ravenwood is in it. We know she had a kid with Indy. We hear that John Hurt could be playing Abner Ravenwood, long lost father of Marion and mentor to Indy, thought dead in his pursuit of the Ark. Seems like that's the direction they're going. The rumors I have been getting say that the big object being searched for is not Atlantis. It is not the Spear of Destiny. It is not a shard of Noah's Ark. This time Indiana has to go back to square one. There is nothing he can possess that can not be taken away. What I hear is that he is searching, once more, for the Ark of the Covenant. The rumor is that the warehouse we see at the end of Raiders is in Groom Lake (aka Area 51) and the Russians are trying to find it in order to one-up the American military might. That would explain Abner being involved in the story. That would further my theory that INDY 4 will act as a bookend to the series, RAIDERS on one side and INDY 4 on the other. If Shia LaBeouf ends up continuing it down the line as rumored, then so be it, but I think we're pretty much guaranteed this will be the last one with Lucas, Spielberg and Ford. I love the idea, but from what I know of the film, from trusted sources within the company, there’s just not really any room for the Ark of the Covenant in the story they're telling. It’s not the main thrust of the movie if it is in the flick and I just can’t see it as being something they’d sideline. So, I know this really doesn’t give you guys a definitive answer and probably just raises more questions, but this is what I know of the rumor right now and I’m sure it’ll be spreading, so I wanted to address it. Hell, it could be that Lucas and Spielberg have us so turned around we don’t know which end is up and they’re off making a completely different movie than everybody’s expecting, feeding us a bunch of bogus rumors and all the set pics and stories have been fabricated. I wouldn’t put it past them. If the Ark does play a part, I think it’s a fascinating choice. If it doesn’t, I’m happy seeing a new adventure, too. What are your thoughts?

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