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Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now!! Major New Spoilers Emerge On GALACTICA’s Final Season!!

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An army of online journalists recently converged on the Vancouver set of “Battlestar Galactica.” Media Blvd. covered the press event and came back with a couple of intriguing spoilers for the earliest episodes of the series’ fourth and final season, filming now. An excerpt:
[Actor Aaron] Douglas revealed that the final 5 Cylons are in fact a different breed of Cylon than the human form versions that attacked the colonies. These 5 in fact are the original Cylon’s, are immortal, and are the Cylon Gods. Apparently, the repeating theme within the show, that all of this has happened before, and will happen again is going to be explored in the final season. But it was clear that the implications are that the Cylon’s rose before in the distant past of the colonies, and will rise again.
This is especially interesting because “Galactica” mastermind Ron Moore is still keen to mount “Caprica,” a “Galactica” prequel series set about 50 years before Cylon War II. This series was supposed to deal with a Caprican scientist’s creation of the Cylons. Douglas’ assertions, though, suggest Cylons have been around a whole lot longer than 50 years. Another excerpt:
In Season 4, according to those on the set, it will be revealed that the centurion models are capable of intelligent thought, but the human form Cylons have been suppressing that ability with a device implanted in the positronic brain of the Cylon’s that prevents them from reasoning, and keeps them passive. No one would go into further details, but apparently a number of Centurions have these devices removed, and the battle damaged set is the result of the confrontation between these Centurions and their human form Cylon Masters.
SciFi will transmit a Pegasus-centric two-hour “Galactica” TV-movie titled “Razor” in November. The other 20 hours of the final season will hit SciFi next year. Find all of the Media Blvd. story here.

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