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Robert Zemeckis and Jim Carrey say "Bah! Humbug!"

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Boy, these two dudes love Christmas. Robert Zemeckis' POLAR EXPRESS gets play every Christmas season now thanks to IMAX 3-D and Carrey was The Grinch for Ron Howard. I guess he has to take on the other iconic Christmas-time villain. Zemeckis has written and will direct an adaptation of A CHRISTMAS CAROL with Jim Carrey in line to star as Scrooge as well as the ghosts of Christmas' Past, Present and Future. Disney is footing the bill. Zemeckis is planning to mix live action with performance capture animation. If the word about BEOWULF being damn near photorealistic it's possible that this could be the first movie to integrate live action and completely realist computer representations of human beings. Of course, Zemeckis could go for a more cartoony effect. Rumor has it that Bob Hoskins is also in talks to join the film as Mr. Fizziwig. I guess there's a law that says anytime Robert Zemeckis has a live action/cartoon mix Bob Hoskins has to be a part of it. I'd love to see Zemeckis focus on doing something new, something original like BACK TO THE FUTURE... that kind of feel. But I also liked POLAR EXPRESS and BEOWULF sounds like it's coming together very well, so I can wait for that particular creative bug to sink its teeth into Zemeckis' brain. Thoughts?

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