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Bob Hoskins to wave his wand at children!?!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. This is in no way official or even likely, but sometimes little shit like works out. As the Potter frenzy builds while the days to the last book melt down to nothing, I find any tidbit interesting and this is certainly interesting. Here's the report we were sent:

Hi Harry, Here's a bit of news you might not have heard yet: I just watched Jonathan Ross (BBC interview show) and this time Bob Hoskins and JK Rowling were two of his guests. During his interview with Bob Hoskins, Jonathan mentioned it was weird Bob had never starred in any of the Harry Potter films. Bob then told about a previous encounter with JK Rowling, where she had promised to write a character for him. Cut to: JK Rowling who kind of cringed, clearly having forgotten that she had ever promised that. She did, however, say that there will be a new character in book 7: a older male wizard, which could be played by Bob Hoskins. This could be only useless interview prattle, but it might turn out to be an actual casting. Best, Melinda

It might just be a little hint at something we get in the final book and it might be more than that. We know Rowling has a lot of influence on the films, but I think ultimately it'll be down to whichever director will close out the series. I love the idea of Hoskins in that world, though. What about you?

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