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That Untitled JJ Abrams Trailer before Transformers... Is it a tease for something unbelievably cool?

Hey folks, Harry here... For those of you that saw this new trailer and are confused and trying to figure out what it is... Let's catch you up. That BAD ROBOT produced trailer that touts J.J. Abrams name and has a cute moment with the Statue of Liberty... well, that's the start of what promises to be a very unique marketing campaign. What's the title of the film? Well, the cover name is CLOVERFIELD, but that is not the title of the film. In fact there is no title for the film - and I wouldn't put it past JJ to release a film with no title. Now What Is The Film About? That's been tightly underwraps too. However, I've been hit with a tidbit that has me very curious. Here's one of several emails I've received about this project...

Hey Harry, I'm sure you are already on top of this, but if you're not, google "Ethan Haas". There are two new viral sites for the new JJ Abrams project, and some of the names thrown around on the sites, including Mezin, Alhazred, and references to a "Mad" prophet lead me (and several bloggers) to believe this project has something to do with Lovecraft's Old Ones. Please jump all over this one and let us know what the hell is going on! A JJ Abrams Lovecraft project would be unreal!!! Aaron

Well - doing that leads you to this painfully annoying site: EthanHaasWasRight.Com At this stage - it's a rumor. Is JJ playing with Cthulhu? Is this film about the ancients returning to tear our world asunder? Is it really going to be captured entirely through hand held cameras operated by us mere ants? OR - is that just the marketing push? Here's a link to the latest story that Moriarty posted upon all this: Mori's Filth - Could be very fun. We'll see.

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