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Smith & Jones!! DOCTOR WHO’s 29th Season Arrives on SciFi!!

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We’re catching up! At 8 p.m. America’s SciFi Channel transmits the 2006 “Doctor Who” Christmas episode that introduced the runaway bride who will serve as the doctor’s 30th-season companion. At 9:30 p.m., the 29th season of “Doctor Who,” concluded on the BBC Saturday, launches in America. We start with the reviews of the 2006 Christmas episode. “Kelvington” says:
Doctor Who – The Runaway Bride For the second year in a row the BBC has given us a great Christmas cracker in the form of a funny “Doctor Who” romp, this could have easily been a feature film, from the effects to the story, it was a great piece of work. The story picks up before the end of the last series, showing how the runaway bride got aboard the TARDIS. Then what follows is freeway chase, with just one car, and a flying TARDIS, a huge spider woman, and what happens when you pour a awful lot of water down a four thousand mile hole. We also get to see the formation of the Earth, the return of robot Santas, and the great Catherine Tate doing what she does best, being funny. And while the TARDIS does do some tricks we’ve not seen before, there’s more than enough action for the best Who fan. Personally, I loved this episode, it was funny, clever and we got introduced to a new alien, in the form a huge spider, one who appreciates a good joke or two no less. The only sad part of the episode, is when Donna (the bride) is asked to join the Doctor and she declines. Tate would have made a great companion, but let’s not rule out a return visit. There were also several mentions of Rose, and it’s clear the Doctor has not forgotten his pervious companion, including a short flashback of her during the wedding reception. I think it’s hard to create a stand alone story that doesn’t hang a lantern on all the previous episodes, but this one comes as close as you can to doing it, which is why it would have made a great feature. Finally we got see what lies ahead for the Doctor and his new companion, including a visit with William Shakespeare, an invasion of Rino people, and of course the Dalek that escaped from “Doomsday”. All this an more will be here in just a few short month. Of course until then, we have the Torchwood finale next week, and the start up of the “Sara Jane Adventures”, so Who fans have a lot to celebrate this Christmas Day. Just my 2¢
“Russ. U.K.” adds:
Hi Herc Heres a quick review of the just televised 2006 Doctor Who xmas special "The Runaway Bride"!! 7pm BBC1 Christmas Day Now i believe you guys in the states have just seen the brilliant second season finale "Doomsday" and noticed that right at the end a bride to be suddenly appears in the Tardis mysteriously! Well at the start of this episode we have a short prequel of sorts showing Donna (played by comedianne Catherine tate)walking up the isle on her wedding day just about to be married to Husband to be Lance, when suddenly she disappears and seems to disintergrate. We then see Donna as the Doomsday ep showed appearing in the tardis and the Doctor saying "Who are you"?. Now The Doctor tries to return Donna to her wedding but everyones gone to the reception.well after all as one of the guests says "we thought we'd make the most of it as its all been paid for!" We then go on for a great ride as the doctor and donna try to unravel why she suddenly appeared In the Tardis? We find out that Donna works for a company (where she met husband to be Lance,who also works there) as a secretary The company has a contract with'll know that name by now! and the doctor discovers that the building has a secret level unknown to everyone! Donna has been infected with very ancient particles from billions of years ago (by how and by who i won't spoil here!!) so old that it dates back to the formation of our galaxy,The tardis also has these particles as energy so there was a link between the two and were kinda magnetically attracted to each other. To cut the story short a bit the doctor,Donna and Lance go to the secret level and just as the doctor is opening the door to a closed room Donna disappears and has been captured by robots. We then see our main villain "The empress of Racnoss!"..think half human,half spider creature..brilliant fx work here by the mill fx. It appears the racnoss are an ancient race who when the earth was formed,drew the rocks,gas,dust etc that formed the earth over one of there sips,so now the shipp is buried at the centre of the earth! and the empress of racnoss wants to free her people who are still there then feed on humanity. Well i won't give it all away but theres a small twist in the tale and a great resoloution. Right at the end the doctor returns donna home.."You can come with me if you want" he says..the thing is though that Donna is completely differnt to Rose and has no interest in danger and adventures in space "Do you always live your life like this?" she says..they say goodbye though donna manages to say one last thing.."Find someone,won't you?" The tardis disappears..end of episode. Then cut to a sneak preview of Season 3 which starts in the spring..clips show The Doctor meeting Shakespeare,meeting Martha Jones who will be the new companion and a vast assortment of weird aliens..can't wait!! THE GOOD Great fx by the mill, particulary the spider creature and the brilliant car chase with the tardis bouncing and traversing through cars etc. David tennant of course too! He's so comfortable with the role now he is worth the price of admission alone THE BAD Not much though but im not really a fan of Catherine Tate,Donna is virtually the same chracter she plays in her comedy show and that charcter is a bit annoying but she does an ok job for a one off episode but wouldn’t want to see her every week. The robot santa..umm werent they used last year for "The christmas invasion" i just hope we dont get them for a 3rd year on the go! Hope this is of use? Russ. U.K
Here’s what “Doctor Dan” had to say about the 29th season premiere way back on March 31:
DOCTOR WHO - 3.1 "Smith And Jones" WRITER: Russell T. Davies DIRECTOR: Charles Palmer CAST: David Tennant (The Doctor), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), Reggie Yates (Leo Jones), Trevor Laird (Clive Jones), Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones), Anne Reid ( Florence ), Roy Marsden (Mr Stoker), Paul Kasey (Judoon) & Nicholas Briggs (Judoon Voices) Synopsis: The Royal Hope Hospital is transported to the moon and medical student Martha Jones finds herself fighting blood-sucking aliens alongside a mysterious stranger who calls himself The Doctor... The third season of Doctor Who gets off to a sprightly start with Smith And Jones, written by show-runner Russell T. Davies. The first episode mostly serves as an introduction to new companion Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, a student nurse work ing at a hospital that is transported to the surface of the moon by rhino-headed aliens called The Judoon. Davies' script certainly crams a lot into its running time, serving as a far more interesting introduction to a new companion than "Rose". Freema Agyeman acquits herself very well and is a more naturalistic actress than Billie Piper, who was likeable but bland. Martha Jones seems to have a streetwise appeal and a more chaotic family, who are glimpsed briefly to bookend the episode. She's also more clued-up on aliens and suchlike, which impresses The Doctor and should eliminate exposition in the weeks to come. It's a competent episode with plenty to recommend, although the initial "wow-factor" of plonking a multi-storey hospital on the moon, is soon replaced with endless running around hospital corridors. The Judoon are effective villains, although only one reveals its rhino head (undoubtedly to save cash), meaning the rest are left to stomp about the place in oversized helmets. It's a little disappointing, particularly as alien Plasmavore (guest star Anne Reid) has similarly helmeted henchmen. David Tennant is a joy, as always. You feel relaxed and under his spell whenever he's around and the sense of joy he exudes is infectious. The guest stars are mostly pushed into the background, but Martha's family make memorable (if brief) appearances and Anne Reid is fabulous as a sneery alien "vampire" trying to evade the Judoon hordes. Occasionally, Murray Gold's music is overblown and badly edited (see the Judoon's marching entry), but it's otherwise used very well. There are already a number of background motifs for fans to watch (akin to BAD WOLF and Torchwood) with the mysterious Mr Saxon. A character mentions Saxon's opinion that there "we're not alone in the universe" and some political campaign posters with "VOTE SAXON" can be seen in a few scenes (as they were on spin-off show Torchwood last year; how's that for foreshadowing, folks?) Overall, Smith And Jones is easily the best premiere the new series has had since its 2005 re-launch. The reasoning behind the Judoon's actions is maddeningly swept under the carpet, but the main concern here is to introduce Martha Jones and create a plausible relationship between her and The Doctor. It succeeds magnificently in this regard. A great start to what will hopefully be an improved series. THE GOOD 1. The gorgeous Freema Agyeman -- instantly resigning all memory of Billie Piper to the past. She oozes potential with her streetwise attitude and intelligence. 2. The special FX of the hospital on the moon and the Judoon ships are epic sequences. The Judoon's rhino-head is a bit rubbery, but good enough. 3. David Tennant is on blistering form, delivering wisecracks and ploughing manic energy into every scene. 4. They had very little screen time, but the energy and dynamic of the Jones family already makes Jackie and Mickey look old hat. THE BAD 1. It’s very unfortunate the budget didn’t stretch to more Judoon faces and the "motorcycle helmet" aliens were disappointing. The Plasmavore was also a little underwhelming (although I can see kids chasing each other with straws for the next few days...) 2. After an epic start to wet your appetite, the plot begins to drag with endless scenes of running around corridors. 3. The Judoon's actual intentions are frustratingly vague and silly. THE GEEKY 1. This title comes from new combining Martha Jones' surname and The Doctor's alias "John Smith". The Doctor has used this moniker numerous times throughout the series. 2. Freema Agyeman starred in series 2's finale as an office work er in Torchwood Tower called Adeole. To limit confusion amongst nitpicking fans, it's made clear in this episode that Adeole was Martha's cousin. 3. This episode makes Freema Agyeman the seventh person to have appeared in Doctor Who before later returning as a regular character. She is the fourth such person to have played different characters who interacted with the same Doctor. 4. Actor Paul Kasey is the resident "alien" on the show, having played numerous creatures since Doctor Who returned, including the Weevil in spin-off series Torchwood. Similarly, vocal artist Nicholas Briggs provides most of the alien voices for the show, most famously the Daleks and Cybermen. 5. Actor Reggie Yates is best known as a presenter on Top Of The Pops and BBC Radio 1, although acting was his first vocation after starring in children's television series Grange Hill. 6. The Doctor has a new blue suit to replace his brown pinstripe -- although he seems to alternate between the two in this episode. 7. Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones) starred as Sister Jatt in New Earth last year. Anne Reid ( Florence ) starred in The Curse Of Fenric during Sylvester McCoy's era. 8. The Doctor mentions having a brother and, later, how "we" played in the nursery. It's not known if he was lying about having a sibling. 9. It’s shown here that The Doctor is unharmed by extreme radiation and can actually focus it into one area of his body (his foot here) and expel it safely into the air. 10. The allusions to Mr Saxon begin already, particular with the political campaign posters also seen on Torchwood. Check out the internet for rumours about who/what Mr Saxon actually is, but beware of likely spoilers! RATING: 3 / 5 NEXT WEEK: The Doctor whisks Martha back in time to 1599 where they must save William Shakespeare from three witches...
“The Handsome 12th Doctor” says:
Doctor Who (the BBC's answer to ITV's Primeval) was back on Brit telly tonight, and so I thought I'd try to get a review posted here. This won't be one of those structured analyses with excerpts from the Radio Times, or star ratings. I can't be doing with that malarkey. Season 3 or 29 kicks off with 'Smith And Jones', and involves a hospital transported to the moon, rhino head aliens, blood sucking aliens, and a couple of slabs. The plotline was pretty good for a first episode (the previous two seasons had weak openers I thought). And in the midst of all this they had to introduce the brand new companion, which was very well handled throughout. Credit to Russell where it's due. So what's she like then? Martha Jones, as played by Freema Agyemen. She's brilliant, feisty, intelligent, funny, interesting…….. Forget all that. Is she fit? Yes. And most importantly she's different to Rose. In good ways, like being more scientific about things. But also kind of bad, in that her family are worse. If you thought Rose's mum could be a bit annoying at times then wait till you see the new lot. Like a bad Hollyoaks crowd. I'm hoping Martha My Dear really wants to escape from them and we never see them again in the show. Hey I can dream can't I? Speaking of her family…. they do cleverly get around the fact that Freema appeared in Who last year in another guise. Meanwhile David Tennant is marvellous. In the last season I felt his performance varied, as if he hadn't decided yet on how to play the Doc. He now appears to have settled firmly into the part. It'd be nice if he stuck around for a good while longer. The supporting cast were fine too. Notably Anne Reid. The episode was briskly paced and directed, with some nifty effect work. Enjoyable stuff. I'm so happy having something good to watch on Saturday nights. PS: I hope you use this. My dream is to have a Doctor Who review on AICN. PPS: Actually no, my dream is that someone in the talkbacks does a joke about how to defeat a Dalek, based around running up some stairs.
8 p.m. Friday. SciFi.

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