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Wanna Know A Little More About CLOVERFIELD?! Like, Say, Who’s Directing It?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. It’s funny... I’m getting letters now from other webmasters saying that they’re getting yelled at for publishing anything about this film. Yet so far, I haven’t heard one word back from Bad Robot or Paramount, and we’re the one place these stories have been breaking. We were the ones who first told you that it’s a giant monster movie featuring something that’s being called “The Parasite” at the moment. We’re the ones who told you that Drew Godard is writing the film. We brought you the first descriptions of the teaser trailer that will be attached to the prints of TRANSFORMERS everyone will be seeing next week. And now... now we can tell you who is directing the film. It’s amazing to me how secretive this one is. Personally, I think it sounds great, and all the stuff I’ve heard about the script and the designs for the monster and the work they’ve been doing on the Paramount lot and over at the offices on Cloverfield (the reason for the fake title, no doubt) makes me think this is going to be one groovy movie. Matt Reeves, a writer on FELICITY, whose only feature film so far is THE PALLBEARER with David Schwimmer and Gwenyth Paltrow, is the man who will be calling the shots onset. There are a lot of Bad Robot alumni involved in this one, but Reeves is the guy I’m most interested in at the moment. He’s directed episodes of shows like FELICITY, CONVICTION, HOMICIDE, and RELATIVITY, and he was the guy who directed the pilot for MIRACLES in 2003. I love the notion of a giant monster movie that’s all being shot from the POV of handheld video cameras, like a real event unfolding, and I wish him well with this one. Now I just need to see that teaser finally. Remember... when you see it, there’s no title on it yet. That’s because the film doesn’t have a name at the moment, or if it does, that’s been kept completely hush-hush. For now, CLOVERFIELD is just what they’re calling it to help confuse the issue. I’m itching for someone over there to finally break their silence and speak up, ‘cause I’d love to know more. For now, here’s the tip I got today:

CLOVERFIELD, the hush hush sci-fi flick, is being directed by Matt Reeves. Matt Reeves, if you recall was creator of Felicity and screenwriter of such films as The Yards and Under Siege 2. One of the producers on this flick is Bryan Burk, a producer on LOST and Abrams' upcoming STAR TREK film.
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