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SciFi: Queen Theme NOT

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Though the SciFi Channel is using Queen’s 1980 Flash Gordon theme in its promos for its new “Flash Gordon” series, SciFi exec Mark Stern says we should not expect to hear the theme in the actual series. From a Friday SciFi Wire report:
The 1980 movie, directed by Mike Hodges and starring Sam Jones, has achieved a kind of cult status because of its campy style and a memorable soundtrack by Queen. A cover version of that music could be heard in a recent promotional spot for the new series on SCI FI. Stern confirmed that the theme would be used in the marketing campaign for the series, but not in the actual show. "[We're] looking at updating the Queen song just a bit," he said. "So it's definitely the Queen song we all know and love, with a little something extra. Because it is about communicating the fact that it's not the '70s Sam Jones movie with people in spandex and everything we love about that movie. The show is not that campy. But how do you not use that music? It's so wonderful. So we're trying to have a little of both, to have our cake and eat it, in that regard. But I don't believe the music is actually going to be in the series itself."
The new “Flash Gordon” series, overseen by writer-producer Peter Hume (“Charmed,” Jennifer Lopez’s “South Beach”), debuts on SciFi in August.
Read all of SciFi Wire’s story on the matter here.

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