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Rorschach is bothering me! Who is gonna be watching dese WATCHMEN?

Hey folks, Harry here... Ya know... some nights, while attending one's post here at AICN - some cool fucking shit goes down. Take tonight for example. I'm sitting here at Geek Headquarters with young master Quint sharing a conversation about Mark Protosevich's THOR script - discussing reading the remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake script - when I get an email from... Rorschach:
From: Subject: Who Watches the Watchmen? Date: June 28, 2007 10:13:38 PM CDT To: new website. movie being made about masks. alan moore - 'watchmen'. more news soon. .?R.
Well, being a good reporter, I had to find out if it was the "real" Rorschach or just some wannabe, so I responded with:
Subject: rorschach you psychotic twit Go fuck yourself, you're the one that deserves to be in prison you sadistic fuck! The Harry Man
Now I'd see if it was Rorschach... Moments later I get:
knowles. have you on my list to visit. watch your fridge. .ЯR.
Yeah, that sounds like Rorschach, but I had to be sure, so I wrote back...
I've seen your bland face under that woman's dress you call a mask. But if you get your kicks beating on a crippled fat fuck, you're more gone than anyone ever suspected you faceless nobody. Try something productive, like blowing your mind out of the back of your fucking skull! The Harry Man
To which Rorschach replied... simply:
hurm. .ЯR.
So... Here's the thing - The Rorschach's Journal site has his logo that links to his email address - and that's it. Tonight... for a little bit, I exchanged, in character, insults and vague and not so vague threats with THE MAN... RORSCHACH!!!! It's good to be a geek! Unless... he really does visit me. GULP!

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