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DRO_MOE Tells us About The HAROLD AND KUMAR Sequel!!

Merrick here...
DRO_MOE sent in some details about the forthcoming HAROLD & KUMAR sequel. I loved HAROLD AND KUMAR GOT TO WHITE CASTLE - loved the characters & loved its vibe. And, of course, how can anyone hate on (rude, evil, and strung-out) Neal Patrick Harris?
(careful playing this at work)

Evidently, Harris is back for the sequel, along with Howard Stern regular Richard Christy. DRO_MOE sent in some details about what we can expect from the follow-up, which should release sometime next year (?) DRO_MOE's message is spoiler filled & occasionally rather detailed. So, consider this a...


The movie picks up where the last one left off with H&K in there apartment readying themselves for their trip to Amsterdam to track down Harold's love interest Maria. After a few quick jokes there we have them at the airport, after a little stint with security, getting onto their plane. As Kumar walks down the aisle we see him through an old lady's POV where he is wearing a turban desert clothes and has a boxcutter in his hands. After the plane takes off and most everyone including the old lady from before is sleeping we see Harold get up and use the restroom. Kumar looks around a bit then grabs his carry on and leaves to join him. Kumar enters the bathroom and pulls out a bag of weed and a paper bag full of tubes and wires and other components. Harold is all like WTF, and Kumar tells him its parts for a smokeless bong he's been working on and he had to break it down to get through security. Once built he begins to demonstrate how it works, when all of a sudden the plane hits mad turbulence throwing them both out the door and into the aisle. At this moment the old lady wakes up and sees Kumar holding what to her appears to be a bomb. She yells "TERRORIST" and out of nowhere an air marshal tackles him to the ground causing the device to break releasing the smoke. Cuasing others to yell "POISONOUS GAS". Needless to say this stunt lands our heroes in the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba where they are mistaken to be a radical Islamic and a North Korean. But this is just the beginning of their trip. After escaping from the prison H&K hitch a ride with some Cubans on a boat made from a car and head to Florida. Realizing homeland security is on their tail they decide they must make it to Texas where there is someone who can clear their name. Along the way the run into a crazy family with an inbred son, KKK, and NPH in a whorehouse. These are just a few of the exploits H&K are put through. The movie basically has the same formula of the last (H&K want to go "here" but end up on misadventure after misadventure when things go wrong) but it works. It feels like it could standalone without the other. There are next to none if not maybe one or two plays of the last film. And let me tell you this one is graphic, it will be hard for them to slide with an R rating, PG-13 is out of the question. Expect a toned down R rated version in the theaters followed by and extreme unrated DVD. Wow, I just said toned down R rated. Back to point, after [compromising details re: source's exposure to this project deleted by Merrick] I am now more excited than I was before for the project. Hopefully this time around it gets more promo and a wider release because this studio is sitting on a gold mine. Open the Talkbacks! DRO_MOE

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