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As reported here last week, the Cartoon Network will begin transmitting early next year the new “Transformers Animated” series. More details have emerged on the project – notably a diminished role for the dastardly Decepticons. From Monday’s Hollywood Reporter:
Cartoon and Hasbro execs said the new series, "Transformers Animated," will be significantly different than the others, adding humor, never-before-seen characters and a new premise in which the Autobots fight evil humans in Superhero fashion much more frequently than they battle the Decepticons -- the traditional "Transformers" lore since the property launched as a toy in 1984. "We've used the basic Transformers and characters as a springboard, but then we're pretty much reimagining the whole thing," said Bob Higgins, senior vp programming and development at Cartoon Network. "What we're doing with it is basically turning it into a superheroes story. We're really excited that we're able to take this decades-old property and hopefully turn it into something that kids haven't seen or expected from a Transformers series before."
Read all of the Reporter’s story on the matter here.

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