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If you haven't seen it yet... everybody brace yourselves for the MONSTER SQUAD DVD trailer!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here from London... during my travels to this lil' isle, the DVD trailer for the Monster Squad SE DVD hit. Being the huge MONSTER SQUAD nerd that I am, I couldn't let it pass without throwing it out for you guys. I'm so goddamned psyched to finally have this in my DVD collection. And it looks like Lionsgate has put a lot into it... now if only they'd have a trailer that didn't have music that sounds like it comes out of a lame Steve Martin family friendly movie co-starring Queen Latifah or TV's Superboy... especially considering Bruce Broughton's original score kicks so much ass. There's also the matter of the announcer having an incredibly over-the-top and unnecessary British accent, but what the hell? It's still Monster Squad on DVD! I know the movie rocks and I know it's coming out next month. Hooray!

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