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An INDY 4 Rumor That’s Not Really A Rumor...

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. ... since I can verify that this sequence exists. Or at least, it has at a prior point in this film’s development. It sounds to me like they’ve taken several different incarnations of the INDY 4 script and cobbled them all together to come up with the version we’ll see in theaters next summer. I know I’ve been pessimistic about this one in the past, but there have been drafts and ideas and scenes that have been fairly provocative over the long tortured history of development the film’s been through. I got this e-mail in, and it seems to confirm that there will be a sequence early in the movie that takes place on a site in the desert that both Jeb Stuart and Frank Darabont are rumored to have included in their takes on the story. And, no, I’m not talking about Area 51. All I’ll say is that if this is the sequence I think it is, it starts the story off with a bang. A really... big... bang...

I am working on a Warner Bros film right now. [Someone else on the film] is from New Mexico. I said to him "hey they are filming Indy 4 there right?" He said, "My friend is [working on] the film and they are prepping the New Mexico site to be a WWII atomic test site, like in the old videos you would see in school" I thought I would pass this on!!!
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