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Forget That One-Sheet! Check Out This New TRANSFORMERS Trailer!

Wow. Guys, I know how much some of you are invested in hating this one, and who knows how it plays as a film? I know that people are starting to lay eyes on it this weekend, and I’m itching to see it myself. Especially when we see a trailer like this one, which several of you forwarded to me tonight. I don’t know nothin’ from nothin’ about the source material, but there are images we’re starting to see now that are going to create all-new fans, and if the whole movie delivers that type of mayhem, then count me in. And contrary to what talkbackers are saying below, it's not a dead link. I think we may be firebombing it right now, but try right-clicking "Save Link As," and you'll see that it will save as a QT movie for you. Be patient. It's a huge high-res version.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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