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A Few Hints On What To Expect With SciFi’s FLASH GORDON!!

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I confess a lot of the enthusiasm for SciFi’s new “Flash Gordon” series kind of drained out of me when I learned writer-producer Pete Hume – whose credits include “Charmed,” “Relic Hunter” and “South Beach” – had been hired to run it. Other writers on the show include James Thorpe (“Beastmaster,” “Relic Hunter”) and Steve and Derick Martini (“South Beach”). This report comes from someone actually employed by the production; see if his take enhances anticipation for the project:
Hi, I'm busily working on the new Sci-Fi series "Flash Gordon" up here in Vancouver. Happy to give you some info though I'd prefer to remain anon. The show has just completed shooting of episode 4. The two hour pilot was directed by Rick Rosenthal (Smallville), the second two episodes were helmed by Paul Shapiro (Heroes). A rough cut of the pilot was just sent to the network and the producers are awaiting their reaction. Post is ongoing. What I can tell you is that Eric Johnson (Flash) and the producers are making an appearance at Comicon in August. They will do a panel on the Sunday where they are likely to show at least a 15 minute teaser of the series. I know there's been some debate regarding the tone of the show. What I can tell you is that the series is neither as far one way as "Charmed" or as far the other as "Battlestar Galactica". The show has definite light comedy moments (particularly romantic comedy between Flash, Dale and the other women they encounter) but it also has a fair bit of dark, brooding drama. Ming is not the arch, Asian looking incarnation that Max Von Sidow played in the 1980 movie. He's actually played by blonde haired Canadian actor John Ralston as a sort of benevolent (in his mind anyway) dictator. He's a Vladimir Lenin...very much in control, motivated by his own personal agenda and ideology...but capable of viciousness towards those that cross him. Mongo is a fascinating and terrifying place with a lot of intrigue between the various factions (Cantons), Ming and their dependence upon him for the scarce resource of water (which he controls absolutely). Although the show is being done on a tight budget the sets, wardrobe, props are all amazing looking. The art direction for Mongo is somewhere between the Imperial look of "Star Wars" and the more post modern/medieval look of Carl's dream world in "The Cell". A lot will hinge on the visFX which I have yet to see. All in all the show is quite promising...kind of a "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" meets "Dune" if you can imagine that! More later...

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