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Pixar announces their newest project in development!!! Coming 2009... UP!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Any news is good news when it comes to Pixar projects. And I like the way this new one is sounding. Of course, they have WALL-E for next summer, but the project after that is called UP, about a 70 year old man who teams with a wilderness ranger to fight "beasts and villains." I'm hoping there's a supernatural bent to this and beasts means monsters. Pete Docter (MONSTERS, INC) directs with Pixar vet Bob Peterson, who also wrote the script. So, Pixar's future is laid out for us. WALL-E in 2008, UP in 2009 and TOY STORY 3 in 2010 and, possibly, the Pixar JOHN CARTER OF MARS sometime after that. Crazy that we're so close to the twenty-teens, eh?

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