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Roy calls Memflix a liar, and says FF:ROTS Kicks Ass! Is He Just A Fox Stooge?

Hey folks, Harry here again... Exchanged emails with Memflix and when asked if Galactus actually appears in his classic form, here's what he said:

Galactus reaches earth. It is a swirling cloud of galactic and cosmic debris. The Surfer flies up into the cloud, and for a brief moment, something resembling the comic book, an outline of a face is seen. The Surfer throws his arms out and radiates a bright light. The Surfer and the storm cloud implode into nothingness. It was a horrible resolution to a beloved story.

Hey folks, Harry here... Memflix has provided reviews in the past and has been accurate, but here we have a UK reader that challenges that review and shares spoilers that directly contradict Mem's review. We'll have to wait and see who is right, but I'm hoping Roy is, as a badass FF movie is what I would love to see - especially if Tim Story is doing THE LOSERS next. Here ya go... Spoilers Galore...

harry - I just came from a UK screening at Leicester square and Memflix couldn't be further from the truth. First, I seriously doubt Memflix actually saw the film -there is not ONE thing in his "review" that is not in the trailers, or the novel. He just wants to be the first to dump on the film. I asked this guy from Fox about other screenings and he said this was the first screening ANYWHERE, so I know Memflix is lying and trying to seem like he’s got the goods. To prove I actually saw the film, I will give up some spoilers – first, they show us shots of the real Galactus in this film. Not a cosmic storm, but the horned badass we all wanted to see. You see him several times, including when the Surfer goes into him at the end of the film and you see the helmet full on. Another spoiler, at the very end of the film (in the middle of the credits) there is a shot that promises a stand-alone SS movie. The Surfer has momentarily beaten Galactus and the last shot of the movie shows him hovering around earth. Want another one? Johnny steps up and becomes a real hero at the end of this one. He puts aside his ego and takes on ALL the FF's powers and beats the crap out of Doom. Another one? Doom comes back from Latveria and teams with the FF to defeat the Surfer. Julian McMahon is excellent - he really becomes Doom in this one. After the FF and Doom capture the Surfer, the Surfer tells Sue about his past and about how she reminds him of his love on Zenn-La and how he serves as the herald in order to spare his world. The plot is straight from the origins of the Surfer – he has come to earth to prepare it for Galactus but the FF’s humanity re-awakens that last part of Norrin Radd within him. BOTTOM LINE: IT'S ALL IN THERE. This film is COOL AS BALLS. This film is such a BIG step up from the first film. The action kicks ass and the FF step up to save the world. There are 5 BIG sequences, including one where they save our beloved London Eye from toppling into the Thames. That got a big reaction from this crowd. It's got the Fantasticar doing some great stuff, including a sweet bit where it splits into pieces to avoid Super-Doom (who has taken the power cosmic). It's got a HOT Jessica Alba. Chiklis IS Ben Grimm. Memflix is just a hater. Go see the film. I had a great time, so will you. Roy Stalin
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