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BATTLESTAR's Ron Moore Brings Us THE THING, And Attempts To Salvage The I, ROBOT Sequel?!?!

Merrick here…
In a recent video interview with, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Executive Producer (and all around cool guy) Ronald D. Moore revealed he’s currently “working on THE THING for Universal”. He didn't indicate if the project was theatrical, for television, or...what. A television miniseries of THE THING was contemplated for a while…not too long ago, actually. I want to say it was under the auspices of Frank Darabont & being tooled for Sci Fi Channel, although this might be wrong. I’m not sure if this "news" or not; while a remake of THE THING has been threatened for the past few years, this is the first I recall hearing of Moore’s involvement. I'm a huge fan of Carpenter's 1982's difficult for me to imagine improving on it too much (although I felt the pacing went a little soft at the end), so I'm interested in...but a touch apprehensive...about how it'll be approached again. Moore also says he just completed a draft of a sequel to I, ROBOT!?!? The notion of an I, ROBOT sequel has been bandied about for quite a while, but this is the first vaguely promising news we’ve heard about it. Guessing it’ll pick up with the Robot society which dropped roots at the end of the first film? Maybe we’ll get robotic discord in space…shades of BLADE RUNNER’s "Offworld" backstory. This isn’t the first time Moore’s stepped into the franchise/sequel seat (outside of STAR TREK & BATTLESTAR); most people forget he received story credit on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II alongside TREK scourge Brannon Braga. Moore’s intense sense of mythology, pathos, & depth of character could suit both THE THING & I, ROBOT quite well. Still, it's hard not be be a little jittery about them.


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