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Yesterday, it cost $8.49 to ship a Mars Bar to The CW and its entertainment president, Dawn Ostroff (to entice them to greenlight the further adventures of Veronica Mars before June 15). Today, thanks to the good people at The Indian Food Store, it only costs $1.79 to ship such a bar - IF you enter code “VERONICA” at checkout. (The same free shipping is available for wealthier "Mars" fans if they want to order the 12- or 24-packs.) Now, when you click on this Amazon link, you can find this message under “product details”:
Youve spoke and we listened! Join TheIndianFoodStore in supporting the Veronica Mars "Bars for Mars" Campaign We are now giving free shipping to all orders to get more people involved! Its our way of showing support! Orders will no longer be sent individually to reduce shipping costs. We will create one massive shipment for Ms Dawn Ostroff and everyone at CW! Check back on this page for daily updates! As of 12:59AM CST (yes it is very late at night as I type this), we have had a total of 78 bars ordered! A letter will all of your names and a huge note that says "Veronica Mars: More Addictive Than Chocolate! Satisfy our craving for Season 3!" [sic] will be included. Next to each of your names will be the total number of Mars Bars purchased towards this cause!
We’ll work on getting that “Season 3” thing fixed, but in the meantime this offers a great way to cheaply voice our support, “Jericho nuts”-style. Again, the address to ship to: Dawn Ostroff President of Entertainment The CW Network 4000 Warner Boulevard, Bldg 168 Burbank, CA 91522-0002 (And, again, be sure to type “VERONICA” into that code box to take advantage of that all-important free shipping.) *** WHY EMAILS SUCK: Why not just email The CW or sign an electronic petition? A famous friend writes:
Oh, and email and netpetitions don't work because an obsessed fan could easily create infinite email names and sign the petition thousands of times. There is a known multiplier for physically mailed letters - 1 letter equals 100 viewers - that is a convincer. :)
And I’d guess that a Mars Bar – solid proof that fans are willing to put their $1.79 where their mouths are – is probably worth a few physically mailed letters. (I think the "Jericho" fans supposedly bought 20 tons of nuts, so we have a benchmark for which to strive.) (If “Veronica” gets 2 million viewers, it’s a pity we can’t yet all just pay a buck a week in advance for each episode. That would give each episode a $2 million budget, right? Maybe one day someone will sort out some cool pay-per-view economics …) *** IN TODAY’S TRADES: The other big “Save Veronica” news Thursday is has taken out a (doubtlessly gorgeous) $1,600 ad in this morning’s Hollywood Reporter. Feel that momentum build …

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