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WB wants more magical fantasy, so they bewitched Terry Brooks and got his SHANNARA books!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm clueless... I know most of you have come to accept that about me by now, but sometimes I can somewhat grasp certain things... But here I'm totally clueless. I'm not a big fantasy reader and have never ever been able to get into anything by Terry Brooks. I like horror, I like crime, I like short stories, I like some fantasy, but outside of Tolkien I haven't really gotten into the "elves and dwarfs" fantasy. So, I don't know if it's good news that Warner Bros. has optioned Terry Brooks' SHANNARA books. Sounds kind of cool based on the Hollywood Reporter's description: post-apocalyptic world where a battle of technology and magic is waged against the backdrop of skeletal skyscrapers and wastelands. A little Dark Towery, but I think Brooks might have published the first book before King published the first DT book, so what do I know? Trolls, elves, men, etc, etc are involved. I'm sure you guys might know a little more about this than I, so feel free to enlighten the poor souls like myself in the talkbacks below.

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