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Guillermo Del Toro speaks out on the cast of HELLBOY 2! There might be some unexpected faces here...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some news on the cast of HELLBOY 2. We already know Ron Perlman is back, as well as Selma Blair. Now Guillermo has spoken out to and commented on who else is returning and some new faces that have been cast. There is at least one returning cast member that took me by surprise... I wouldn't go so far as to say there are spoilers below, but you will know a neat little surprise if you read it.

John Hurt is back for a cameo. Myers is not back (see Rupie in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN in the London stage!!). Universal has NOT authorized a brief Kroenen cameo/ epilogue- yet. Johann will be played by John Alexander (body) and Tomas Kretschmann (voice). Dougie will play 4 characters. Brian Steele will play 4 characters. Anna Walton is the actress playing Princess Nuala. Luke Goss plays Prince Nuada. Silverlance. Roy Dotrice plays King Balor

"Dougie" of course is Doug Jones, the man in Abe Sapien's skin in the first flick. John Hurt back, eh? Sweet. Love me my John Hurt and he was damn good in the first movie. The Royalty characters come from an Irish-Celtic myth called Tuatha De Danann, but says their function and characteristics are changed radically for the film. Can't wait to see Big Red back kicking some ass. What about you?

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