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Mark Ruffalo can't stop doing it and has gone BLIND(ness) for Meirelles!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Looks like Mark Ruffalo is finally going to get the recognition he deserves. He's got a lot of movies coming up, including the Terry George flick RESERVATION ROAD, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE and THE BROTHERS BLOOM. Now he's going to star in Fernando Meirelles' next flick BLINDNESS. I love Meirelles' work. CITY OF GOD is great and THE CONSTANT GARDENER punched my heart out of its chest. I love that movie so much. His next flick is based on a novel by Jose Saramago about an unidentified town that suffers an outbreak of blindness. Ruffalo plays the town's doctor, who is not immune to the spreading blindness... however, his wife (Julianne Moore) seems to be. Great pairing. Ruffalo's always great and when I met him on the set of BLOOM he also proved to be really personable, intelligent and just plain talented. The man knows what he's doing. Can't wait to see what Meirelles' flick will be like!

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